Power Buddy Wheelchair Light / USB Charger

Power Buddy Wheelchair Light / USB ChargerPower Buddy Wheelchair Light / USB Charger thumbnailPower Buddy Wheelchair Light / USB Charger thumbnailPower Buddy Wheelchair Light / USB Charger thumbnail
Manufacturer:Active Controls
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The Power Buddy is a revolutionary new device for the information age. Provides safe, secure charging of 'most' portable electronic devices such as phones, smartphones, MP3 players, GPS, tablets and more.

The Power Buddy installs in seconds connecting to your power wheelchair or scooter's charging port. Never be without power again and have piece of mind knowing your mobile device is always charged.

The Power Buddy also doubles as a headlight. The built-in LED illuminates your path and raises awareness of your presence to others.

The focused beam minimizes disturbance of others by allowing you to point the beam where you want it to go, and nowhere else.

(NOTE: iPad chargers are 5.1 volts and 2.1 amps) This device is not recommended for iPads.

USB charger and LED headlightPower Buddy charging a device
The Power Buddy features a USB charging port and an LED Headlight.Never be without a charged device again.


Input Voltage:12-30 volts Max current: 1 Amp
Output:5volts @ 1 Amp ( 5 watts )


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