Action Commode Seat Pad Open 18 x 18

Action Commode Seat Pad Open 18 x 18
Manufacturer:Action Products
Part Number:COM1818
Retail Price: $165.00
Price:$149.00 Ea
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Action Commode Seat Pads provide comfort and relief from pressure and shear. Hook & Loop make the product easy to attach, use and maintain. Made of 100% Akton polymer

Note: One of more of the raw materials used to manufacture the Akton polymer used in this product has a naturally-occurring scent that may be noticeable to varying degrees (weak to strong) in the finished goods. This is typical. The scent should dissipate over time. Scent should noticeably decrease within 10 to 15 days. The best method to dissipate the odor is to air out the products unrolled and outside original packaging in a ventilated space.


Material:100% Akton polymer


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