5 x 1.5 Wheelchair Caster, Complete

Manufacturer: Primo
Part Number: 101259
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Replacement 5 x 1.5 wheelchair caster wheel. All the performance of a small caster wheel and the forgiveness of a wide tire. Convex style tire shape has reduced rolling resistance with superior flotation characteristics on softer surfaces like carpets and soft earth.

3-spoke molded caster rim is durable and easier to clean. Non marking black polyurethane tire. Precision bearings.

Easy to replace.

Includes bearing, tire, and caster complete. 1in Hub width, 5/16 bearing ID. Dark grey non-marking tire.


Tire: 1.5" wide urethane tire, Black non-marking
Diameter: 5"
Hub Width: 1"
Bearing: 5/16" precision (Included)
Fits: Quickie, Ki Mobility, Invacare, and Tilite Ultralight wheelchairs