Permobil Voltpro Battery Charger - 24v 10Ah

Manufacturer: Permobil
Part Number: 616270
Retail Price: $420.00
Price: $345.00 Ea
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New Permobil Voltpro charger is a smart high output charger that accommodates both Gel and AGM batteries.

Voltpro charger has advanced fan-free design that enabled quiet charging. The charging process is automatically adapted to the current condition of the battery, which optimizes the service life of the batteries and ensures that the charging time is as short as possible. When the battery is fully charged the charger will enter maintenance mode. Batteries cannot be overcharged.


Output Current: 10 A ± 8%
Output Voltage: 24 V DC nominal (2x12 V batteries)
Mains Input Nominal Voltage Range: 120 V AC, 60 Hz
Maximum output power: 300W ( 10A)
Insulation class: Class II
Temperature compensaton of charge voltage: Yes
Efficiency (at 300 W load, input 120 V AC): >= 88%
Approved battery types: Lead acid (Gel / AGM) (24 V)
Cooling: Convention Cooling / Fanless operation


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