M17 Sealed Gel Battery ( Pair )

M17 Sealed Gel Battery ( Pair )
Manufacturer:MK Battery
Part Number:ES17-12
Retail Price: $296.00
Price:$215.00 Pr
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Long range 18Ah battery. MK Deep Cycle Mobility batteries are the number one battery choice by leading manufacturers.

MK Gel Scooter and Wheelchair batteries have a durable sealed construction that is FAA, IATA and UPS approved.

The Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte in non liquid; allowing the battery to be leak free in any position.

The re-sealing vent system prevents excessive internal pressure; thus, they cannot explode under normal conditions.

Compatible Chairs:

  • Afikim Electric Vehicles Super Light SL2, Caddy
  • Amigo Mobility RT Express, MC, MCX, RT Express Jr.
  • Bruno Typhoon C3 RWD, Cub 35 FWD (U1 optional)
  • Chauffer Mobility Lil Taxi
  • Dalton Medical 3 wheel SC-43
  • Damaco D90, D99, Child's Elite (14 x14)
  • Electric Mobility Rascal AutoGo 550, Rascal AutoGo 555, Rascal Fold & Go 370, Rascal 320
  • Frank Mobility E-Fix (with high capacity case),E-Fix Basic
  • Golden Technology Alante Jr., Liteway
  • Invacare Lynx SX-3, AT'M Take Along
  • Karma Medical Products KP10, KP10.2
  • Lifestand LSC Compact Standing Wheelchair
  • Medline Industries Gemini 1
  • MP3C-Jr, Pioneer (S538, S548)
  • Pioneer 1 (SP232, SP23),Pioneer 2 (SP242, SP24)
  • Pride Mobility GoGo SC40LR & SC44LR, GoGo Elite Traveller Plus
  • Pride Mobility GoGo LX with CTS, Rally
  • Shoprider Mobility Sunrunner, Snazzy, 777E, Dasher 9, Start 8
  • Suiter Destination
  • Wheelcare Superlight Scooter

Simple Battery Care Tips:

  • Use the manufacturer's automatic charger for all routine charging.
  • Never use an automotive or wet-type charger on sealed Gel or AGM Batteries. (This will damage your batteries)
  • Don't "top off" the battery with frequent charging.

Frequently Asked Battery Questions:

How often should I charge my Battery

  • Daily Users: Charge nightly. This applies to anyone who uses their equipment for community mobility outside the home.
  • Occasional Users: Charge your battery before an outing and always after active use. ( Ideally when the "fuel gauge" is about 50 percent).

How should a battery be stored

  • Always store your batteries "fully charged".
  • Check all batteries once a month and recharge as needed.
  • Sealed Gel and AGM batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months.
  • When storing a char or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them.
  • Avoid Hot and Cold extremes when storing batteries.


Amp Hours:18Ah
Weight Ea:13.8lbs
Construction:Sealed VRLA, AGM


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