U1 Sealed Gel Batteries - ( Pair )

Manufacturer: MK Battery
Part Number: MU-1 SLD G
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MK Gel Scooter and Wheelchair batteries have a durable sealed construction that is FAA, IATA and UPS approved. The Gelled/Suspended Electrolyte in non liquid; allowing the battery to be leak free in any position. The re-sealing vent system prevents excessive internal pressure; thus, they cannot explode under normal conditions.

MK Deep Cycle Mobility batteries are the number one battery choice by leading manufacturers.

Compatible Chairs:

  • Access Point Medical AXS5018, AXS5020, AXS-6000, AXS-7000, AXS33F
  • Afikim Electric Vehicles Breeze C
  • Amigo Mobility FD (Front Drive), Value Shopper, Value Shopper XL (2 each)
  • Amigo Mobility RD (Smart Shopper, Excite, Power Shopper, Escort), EXT350, HD450
  • Braun T1100/ T1200F (series 4 & after)
  • Bruno PWC-2200 RWD, PWC-2300 FWD, Cub RWD (*Optional Cub 46 only)
  • Bruno Cub 35 FWD
  • Chauffer Mobility Chauffer Series, Viva Power heavy duty mini models
  • Dalton Medical ePower aluminum, ePower Pediatric
  • Dalton Medical Primechair, MW, RW
  • Dalton Medical 3 wheel SC-135 HD, 4 wheel SC-S145 HD
  • Damaco Ovation, Electro-Lite, Elite
  • Damaco D90, D99
  • Drive Medical Cirrus - (DP116, DP118, DP120), Cirrus Plus EC, Denali
  • Drive Medical Image, Cirrus Plus, Odyssey, Sunfire & Sunfire Plus, Gladiator GT, Daytona
  • Electric Mobility Turnabout/Stowaway, Mini base scooter 130, Candy Apple
  • Electric Mobility Rascal - 300, 312, 314, 318, 326, 330 Tilt, 610T Scooter, 610F Scooter
  • Everest & Jennings Metro Power, Metro Power III, Navigator, Quest, Sprint II, 3N, Tempest, Kid Power
  • Everest & Jennings Hot Wheels, Carrette, Mobie, Everest
  • Everest & Jennings Sabre LTD, Marathon, Marathon LE, 3P, 3W, 3H, 3V, Magnum
  • Everest & Jennings Xcaliber, Sprint, Sprint Plus, MX, Sabre ES, Sabre ES-GT (22NF)
  • Evermed ECS, EBS
  • Golden Technology Golden Companion, Golden Companion II, Alero, Companion
  • Golden Technology Alante, Golden Compass
  • Hoveround MPV1-MPV5, HRV 100, Activa LX, Activa DM
  • Hoveround Activa GLX, Activa Forerunner
  • Invacare Power 9000 (16" or wider), Ranger II RWD, R51LXP
  • Invacare New Nutron Series: R32LX, R50LX, R51LX, R51, Excel
  • Invacare New Nutron Series: R32, Pronto M6, P9000XDT
  • Invacare P7E, LX-3, LX-3 plus & LX-4 Scooters, Ranger II, FWD Jr., Pronto M71
  • Invacare Pronto M50, M51 & M51-CG, Pronto R2 250-series, Pronto M41, Excel 250-series
  • Invacare Ranger II 250-S FWD/RWD/MWD, TDX Spree, TDX SC
  • Karma Medical Products KS-636, KS-646, KS747, KP25, KS-343, KS-333
  • Leisure Lift/Pace Saver/Burke Mobility Scout Midi-Drive: (RF, NP ), Scout M Series: (M1, M1 PBR, M2)
  • Passport (All), Plus III (All), Junior Premier, Espree (All), Eclipse (All)
  • Medline Gemini 2, Zenith, Strider Midi
  • Merits Health Products MP1IN, MP1IA, MP1IW (Travel Ease), MP1IN-FR, MP1IA-FR
  • Merits Health Products MP3CF, MP3F, MP3C, MP3U
  • Merits Health Products Pioneer 3 (S131, S1312, S1313), Pioneer 4 (S141, S1412, S1413
  • Merits Health Products Pioneer (S132, S133, S135, S142, S143, S145)
  • Merits Health Products Travel-Ease (P101, P107, P171, P200)
  • Merits Health Products Travel-Ease Regal (P31862, P310, P318, P328), Mid-Wheel Drive P326
  • Merits Health Products Travel-Ease Regal (P313, P314, P31312, P31461, P31411, P31362)
  • Merits Health Products Pioneer 3 (S132, SP43), Pioneer 4 (S142, SP44)
  • Movingpeople.net 1700FS, 1704FS
  • Movingpeople.net 2000FS Three & Four Wheel
  • Orthofab/ Lifestyles 755FS,1000FS, Commuter, Star 3 & Star 4 Scooter
  • Ortho-Kinetics Sierra, Colt, Encore, Triumph, MVP, Explorer, Lark 3 & 4
  • Ortho-Kinetics Lark XT, Bravo, Bravo Plus, Pony
  • Otto Bock A200, Skippi
  • Pillar Technology Express, Express LX, Blazer Plus
  • Pillar Technology Special Edition, 4 Wheeler 409 /410, Powerchair
  • Pride Mobility Jazzy (610, 1107, 1103, 1113, 1113 ATS, 1143), Dynamo, Jet 3, Jet 7, Pride LX
  • Pride Mobility Shuttle, Sidekick, Sundancer, Victory, Maxima, Dynamo (discont.), Legend
  • Pride Mobility Legend, Celebrity, Celebrity XL, Cyclone, Laser
  • Pride Mobility Legend XL, Jazzy Sport 2, Rally, Hurricane (2005-present)
  • Pride Mobility Revo, Jazzy Select Traveller, Select, Select 6 & 7, Quantum 610, Select 6 Ultra
  • Pride Mobility Victory XL, Boxster (discont.)
  • Quickie V100, P110, P190, Z500, V121, S525, V521
  • Quickie P110 (14" wide), V121 (14" wide), V521 (14" wide), S-11, Rhapsody, Prelude
  • Quickie Freestyle Mini, Zippie Z-Bop
  • Quickie Aspire M10/M11, Freestyle M11
  • Ranger All Seasons 1x3, 2x3
  • Ranger All Seasons Solo, Safari
  • Redman Wheelchairs 107SRX
  • Shoprider Mobility Streamer (888W, 888WA), Sovereign (888-3, 888-4), Sunrunner 3 & 4 (incl. Deluxe)
  • Shoprider Mobility Wizz (888WNL, 888WNLB), 6Runner 10 (888WNLM), Trooper
  • Shoprider Mobility 6Runner 10 Deluxe, Sprinter, 889-3, 889-4, Sprinter XL4 (8889B-4)
  • Shoprider Mobility FPC (PHFW-1118, PHFW-1120), Jetstream L (888WAL), Jetstream M (888WAM)
  • Shoprider Mobility Flagship, Sprinter Jumbo XL, Sprinter XL4 & XL3, Sprinter XL4 Deluxe
  • Suntech Sterling, Scoota, Regent 3 & 4 (new series)
  • Suntech Scoota Bug, Indigo 3 & 4
  • Tuffcare Escort, Limo, Challenger
  • Win Med Tango Elite

Simple Battery Care Tips:

  • Use the manufacturer's automatic charger for all routine charging.
  • Never use an automotive or wet-type charger on sealed Gel or AGM Batteries. (This will damage your batteries)
  • Don't "top off" the battery with frequent charging.

Frequently Asked Battery Questions:

How often should I charge my Battery

  • Daily Users: Charge nightly. This applies to anyone who uses their equipment for community mobility outside the home.
  • Occasional Users: Charge your battery before an outing and always after active use. ( Ideally when the "fuel gauge" is about 50 percent).

How should a battery be stored

  • Always store your batteries "fully charged".
  • Check all batteries once a month and recharge as needed.
  • Sealed Gel and AGM batteries can hold a charge for up to 6 months.
  • When storing a char or scooter for more than 2 weeks, charge the batteries and then disconnect them.
  • Avoid Hot and Cold extremes when storing batteries.


Volts: 12
Amp Hours: 26.8Ah
Length: 7.71"
Width: 5.18"
Height: 7.22"
Weight Ea: 23lbs


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