24" x 1" (25-540) SHOX High Performance Urethane Wheelchair Tire

Manufacturer: SHOX
Part Number: AL240
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SHOX delivers with the luxury of no-flat tires that are as firm as 110psi with a low profile high performance tread. Weight-specific suspension within the luxury of no-flat tires. You are assured the best shock absorption, non-marking, flat-free ride.

Formed tire with a directional tread such that transversal grooves are arranged into a herringbone pattern at regular intervals along the tire circumferential direction to improve durability and speed.

Polyurethane tire installation:

Polyurethane tires are smaller than the wheel rim, so they must be stretched onto the rim. This requires a significant amount of force, and most wheels are 2-3 inches larger than the tire, so hand installation is not possible.

We highly recommend using a tire installation tool for easier installation.


Size: Fits 24" Rims ( 25X540 )
Material: Solid Polyurethane


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