24 x 1 (25-540) Wheelchair Tire - Primo Performance V-Trak

Manufacturer: Primo
Part Number: 389020
Price: $24.50 Ea
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The Primo Performance V-Trak is the top choice for a high performance and high pressure pneumatic wheelchair tire.

Primo V-Trak is a 100 psi low rolling resistance tire with herringbone tread. Grey non marking tire has a stylish black side wall. Tire is latex free. Fits both (37x540) and (25x540) wheelchair rims.

This price is for a single tire only and does not include the inner tube. An inner tube with a Schrader or Presta valve will be needed to use these properly.


Tire: Grey Non Marking
Sidewall: Black
PSI: 100 Psi
Tread: Herringbone
Latex: Latex Free


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