Spinergy FlexRim

Spinergy FlexRim
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  • Hygienic - No need to grab the tire, so hands stay clean
  • Increased Access - Narrower than a standard pushrim and squeezes inwards to get through narrow doorways
  • Safe - No gaps or metal tabs, so your thumb won’t get jammed or stuck in the pushrim
  • Lightweight - Adds less than 5 oz. per wheel
  • Powerful - Pushes are more powerful, so you push less and coast more
  • Efficient - It takes less energy to push, so you can go further before getting fatigued
  • Ergonomic Grip - The soft, high friction rubber conforms to your hand, so gripping is easy
  • Low Impact – The FlexRim “flexes” to protect your hands and arms from impact loading


You may not realize it, but you grip your pushrims hundreds if not thousands of times a day. You owe it to yourself to be using the best pushrim on the market. The FlexRim helps reduce the risk of overuse injuries and has been scientifically proven to make it easier to push your wheelchair. It is the worlds first and only low impact pushrim and potentially the most important upgrade you will ever make.

The FlexRim has high friction rubber that makes gripping and pushing much easier. The rubber is ergonomically designed to fit and conform to your hand, making it the most comfortable pushrim you will ever use.

Because the rubber is flexible, the pushrim can compress to allow your wheelchair to squeeze through narrow doorways.

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