Giraffe Bottle Aluminium Bottle Holder

Giraffe Bottle Aluminium Bottle HolderGiraffe Bottle Aluminium Bottle Holder thumbnailGiraffe Bottle Aluminium Bottle Holder thumbnail
Manufacturer:Giraffe Bottle
Part Number:500311
Price:$25.00 Ea
Giraffe Bottle Aluminium Bottle Holder $25.00    Qty: Add to Cart


Girraffe bottle holder is designed to hold your Giraffe Bottle (and other bottles) securely. Since bottle holder is aluminium it can be adjusted to hold larger bottles.

In addition, clamp is adjustable and rotates to attach to both horizontal and vertical round tubing. Tightens to tubing (wheelchair, bed, desk, and more) with included 3mm hex key (allen wrench). Fits tubing .75 to 1.25.


Clamp Fits:3/4" - 1 1/4" tubing


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