Permobil Corpus 3 Arm Pad Protective Slip Covers w/ Dimensional Gel

Manufacturer: Gel Ovations
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Enhance the comfort of your Permobil 3G arm pad. Gel Ovations Dimensional Gel arm pad covers fits easily over your existing Permobil 3G armpad.

Breathable, washable nylon covers with 1/2 inch of Dimension gel.

Gel arm pads decrease shear, heat, and moisture which greatly contribute to pressure ulcers.

Select length to match your existing Permobil arm pad.

These pads may look lumpy in pictures and that is why they are so comfortable. When an elbow or whatever presses against it - there is open space within the pad so the pad naturally molds around what it is cushioning and creates a custom fit. And these 'knobs' move with the body almost eliminating shear! The pad maintains softness under pressure while reducing shear and allowing air flow.

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Material: Washable stretch nylon cover, breathable
1/2in Dimensions Gel
Fits: Permobil 3G arm pads 10", 13", 16" or 18"