Protective Foot Cover w/ Adhesive Back

Manufacturer: Gel Ovations
Part Number: GFPC
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Gel Ovations Protective Foot Cover is an excellent solution for those who experience discomfort or have existing sores or abrasions on their feet. Measuring 6"x8" in size fits most wheelchair footplates. Featuring an adhesive back, these protective covers are easy to apply and provide immediate relief to sore or sensitive areas.

The gel material of these foot covers is designed to provide a cushioned barrier between the foot and any potentially abrasive or irritating surfaces, which can help to prevent further damage to existing sores or abrasions. Additionally, the gel material is gentle on the skin, which can aid in the healing process by reducing friction and irritation.

Sold in pairs.


Length: 8"
Width: 6"
Height (Thickness): 1.25"


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