Comfort Molded Arm Trough

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Manufacturer:Comfort Company
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Price:$86.00 Ea
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  • Light weight, easily cleaned design
  • 21" of length to support the full arm
  • Wide palm area for comfortable resting and prevention of finger drop
  • Slide-on, Swing-Away, or EAD (Elevating, Articulating, Depth-adjustable) mounting available
  • Offset design


The Molded Arm provides an ergonomically designed, cost-effective solution for users with arm issues. In addition to stabilizing the elbow, it features a convex palm area for user comfort as well as a gentle rise in elevation from elbow to fingertips to prevent edema.

Offset design does not encroach the seated area, allowing for maximum space between canes.This state of the art, ultra light aluminum gives users a solid and secure bracket system.

The Interlock Bracket locks down to either .75" or 7/8" tubing using an easy to install 2 bolt connection.

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