Comfort Support Pro Zero Elevation Cushion

Manufacturer: Comfort Company
Part Number: 52x
Retail Price: $144.00
Price: $114.00 Ea

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Revolutionary Meleculone foam provides a comfortable, supportive seating surface. Coccyx cutout relieves pressure and lessens ulcers. Kwik Strap loops around vertical canes for secure attachment to seating.

Optional QuadraGel gel pack is a supple polyurethane bladder that allows optimal contour for the seating surface area and maintains skin integrity.

Optional pommel is designed for comfort, leg abduction and easy transfer.

Designed for comfort and leg abduction. The QuadraGel pack has with four compartments, providing optimal distribution of body-weight. The QuadraGel pack maintains skin integrity and seated temperature to provide maximum comfort.


Model W x L Front Height Rear Height Optional Pommel Height Weight Capacity
52A 16 x 16 3" 2.75" 4.5" 250 lbs
52A18 16 x 18 3" 2.75" 4.5" 250 lbs
52B16 18 x 16 3" 2.75" 5" 300 lbs
52B 18 x 18 3" 2.75" 5" 300 lbs
52C 20 x 18 3" 2.75" 5" 350 lbs
52D 22 x 18 3" 2.75" 5" 350 lbs


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