JAY Basic Back

Manufacturer: Jay / Sunrise Medical
Part Number: 33XXFX
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The JAY Basic Back is JAY's answer to the growing demand for a backrest (hard shell) that increases seating tolerance and overall chair performance by adding a rigid component to the wheelchair. Unlike sling backrest upholstery, which tends to stretch out over time and take on a curved shape, the JAY Basic Back maintains its shape and provides excellent long-term postural support.

New Hook Style New Hook Style
The JAY Basic Back ships with two styles of upper hooks, which can facilitate either a straight backrest or one positioned at 8 of recline. The hooks are designed to accommodate 1" of width adjustment, which is a key feature for situations where the back posts are wider than the shell of the JAY Basic Back.
Ideal for Rental Chairs Ideal Companion for Rental Chairs
The JAY Basic Back is defined, under Medicare Guidelines, as a General Use Back (HCPCS Code: E2611). The combination of a hard-shell back combined with a General Use Cushion (such as the JAY Basic cushion) is recognized by clinicians as offering superior postural support. For this reason, the JAY Basic Back makes a perfect companion for the Breezy Ultra 4 (K0004) wheelchair and the JAY Basic Cushion.
Optional Easy Locking Hardware Optional Easy Locking Clamp-Style Hardware
The JAY Basic Back features a selection of two separate hardware packages: The standard strap-style hardware that is currently used for the J2 and J2 Deep Contour Backrests. Or the clamp-style hardware that is specifically designed for the JAY Basic Back. The clamps make back post attachment and setup quick and easy. The sliding lock-pins make removing the back from the chair a snap.
Fits Multiple Size Backrest Tubing Fits Multiple Size Backrest Tubing
Both the standard hardware and the optional clamp-style hardware are designed to fit on 7/8", 1", and 1 1/8" back post tubing. This covers almost every back post diameter available in its class.
  • Unlike upholstered backrests, the metal backrest shell promotes better trunk alignment and more efficient propulsion. For users who plan to spend any significant amount of time in a chair, the JAY Basic Backrest is a must.
  • The clamp style hardware features the additional benefit of noise reducing rubber inserts that provide a quiet, snug fit.


Available Widths: 14" - 20"
Available Heights: 16", 18", 20"
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs