JAY Focus Point Wheelchair Back

Manufacturer: Jay / Sunrise Medical
Part Number: FPBXXXX
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JAY Focus Point wheelchair back is a three piece contoured designed backrest that features a rib reinforced contoured aluminum shell and two multi-adjustable lateral wings.

The foam is contoured and features a pelvic wedge that can be placed in multiple positions for posterior pelvic support. The adjustability of the back is what allows the patient to be "squeezed" into position to provide the best lateral and posterior support for their body type.

Angle Adjustable

Up to 65° of angler adjustment

Focus Point wheelchair back utilizes four-point hardware that allows for 20° of forward angle adjustment and 45° of rearward angle adjustment to increase visual orientation and improve digestion and respiratory function for clients with varying postures.

Deep Lateral Support

Adjustable Deep Lateral Support

The lateral thoracic "wings" of the Focus Point back are adjustable in angle, height, and width, allowing for customizable postural support and the accommodation of asymmetrical postures.

Deep Lateral Support

Scapular Cutout and Headrest Mounting Hardware

The Focus Point back shell is designed to angle inward at the shoulder blades, reducing interference with the upper extremities and maximizing range of motion. Furthermore, it comes with a universal headrest mount compatible with most headrests and mounting hardware.


Width Range: 14 in. - 21 in.
Height: 14 in. - 20 in.
Weight Approx. 8.69 lbs
Lateral Depth: 6"
Frame Tubing Compatibility: 7/8", 1", or 1 1/8"
Shipping box dimensions 12 x 22 x 24 Approx
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Style Chair Width Back Height
Standard 14" - 15" 14"
Tall 14" - 15" 17"
Standard 16" - 17" 15"
Tall 16" - 17" 18"
Standard 18" - 19" 16"
Tall 18" - 19" 19"
Standard 20" - 21" 17"
Tall 20" - 21" 20"