JAY J3 Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Back

Manufacturer: Jay / Sunrise Medical
Part Number: J3CF
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The new J3 Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Back offers ultra light weight and style all in one. The 2.2" contour depth provides mild lateral positioning and freedom of movement. Choice of 2 levels of support. (LT) Lower Thoracic or (MT) Mid Thoracic spine support. Two sport level back heights for each level of support.

Select standard (RH) Quick release or ultralight (RHF) fixed non-removable mounting hardware. Adjustable angle up to 20 degrees, up to 2.25" of depth adjustment. Height adjustable for fine tuning.

Ultimate in lightweight sport and support comfort for all ultralight wheelchairs.

J3 Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Back

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Construction

The NEW JAY J3 carbon fiber wheelchair back is ultra light and stylish. J3 CF backs offer a mild 2.2" gentle supportive contour that allows full range movement.

Choose from the (LT) Lower Thoracic low support contour or the (MT) Mid Thoracic contour.

Stylish Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Backrest

Ultimate in Style and Comfort

Carbon Fiber Style

New carbon fiber construction adds a distinctive appearance and style to most any ultralight wheelchair .

Lightweight & Durable

Back weighs in at only 2.2 lbs including the standard RH quick release hardware. Durable and strong with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Quick Realease Hardware

RH Quick Release Hardware

The RH mounting hardware allows for quick and easy removal from the wheelchair.

Angle adjustable ( up to 20° ), and width adjustability ( up to 2") Height adjustment is independent of mounting location.

Easy to install and easy to adjust. Adjustment tools are included.


Support Contour: 2.2"
Widths: 14, 16", 18" and 20"
Backrest Heights: LT: 6.5" or 9.5"
MT: 12" or 15"
Cover: Spacer fabric and Lycra Stretch Outter Layer
Foam: 1 1/2" Soft Foam
Mounting Options: (RH) Quickie Release
(RHF) Fixed non-removable
Weight: 2.2 lbs ( with RH hardware )