ROHO Contour Solid Base

Manufacturer: ROHO / Permobil
Part Number: BASExxxx
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ROHO Contour Cushion Base is a lightweight molded base that provides a solid foundation for sling seat wheelchairs.

Base promotes symmetrical seating and provides anti-thrust. Helps to prevent femur rotation.

Easily fits under the cushion inside the ROHO cushion cover.

Intended Use:

The ROHO Contour Base (Contour Base) is a contoured, molded base that is intended to provide a solid foundation for use with most ROHO cushions in order to prevent the hammocking effect of wheelchair sling seats. There is no weight limit, yet the Contour Base must be properly sized to the individual.

ROHO, Inc. recommends that a clinician experienced in seating and positioning, be consulted to determine whether the Contour Base is appropriate for the individuals particular seating needs


Place the Contour Base inside the cover, between the bottom of the cushion and the bottom of the cover.


Model Fits ROHO Cushion Sizes
BASE1313 7" x 7", 7" x 8", 8" x 7"
BASE1515 8" x 8", 8" x 9", 9" x 9"
BASE1715 9" x 8", 9" x 9", 10" x 8", 10" x 9"
BASE1717 9" x 9", 9" x 10", 10" x 9", 10" x 10"


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