ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

Manufacturer: ROHO / Permobil
Part Number: HSxxC
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Introducing the New ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion which offers an innovative design featuring a comfortable pelvic loading area that contours to your unique shape while providing skin and soft tissue protection. The Hybrid Select has a new unique ROHO cell design specifically crafted to work with the deeper curves of the foam base to increase contact area and reduce pressure points.

The ROHO Hybrid Select high resiliency foam base has contoured leg troughs that help encourage better upper leg alignment. The coccyx relief cutout helps protect your coccyx/tailbone. The pelvic well using ROHO's Dry Flotation technology which allows for up to 1.25" of immersion.

The Hybrid Select pelvic loading area adjusts to your unique shape, weight, and positioning changes. The ROHO overlay and IT insert utilizes the ISOFLO Memory Control that allows you to easily find and set the right position each and every time.

ROHO Hybrid Select Lateral Stability and Skin Protection

Unique lateral stability & proven skin protection

The new ROHO Hybrid Select offers a contoured design that allows the pelvis to be immersed in air which conforms to your individual shape. The new cell design will increase contact area and reduce pressure points.

ROHO Hybrid Select Offloading Feature

Optional offloading comes standard

The Hybrid Select Cushion offers excellent optional offloading by removing the ischial tuberosities (IT) air insert. This cushion provides flexibility and forgiveness that other offloading cushions do not meaning you'll be in the right position every time.

ROHO Hybrid Select New Shape and Design

New Shape and Design

With Hybrid Select, experience truly functional stability combined with great skin and soft tissue protection. The contoured design of the Hybrid Select allows your pelvis to be immersed in air which shapes to you, moves with you, and protects your skin and soft tissue.


Cover Style: Stretch Air
Cushion Weight: 3.2 lbs ( 16x16 size )
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Cushion Warranty: 36 Month limited
Cover Warranty: 6 Month limited