Axiom POSAlinc Original Knee Adductor

Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
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The POSAlinc Original Knee Adductor, designed specifically for wheelchairs. Formerly known as the knee adductor, it offers enhanced options tailored to meet diverse client needs. These adductors help position knees out of abduction, promoting optimal alignment for improved weight bearing and stability. AEL's Knee Adductors are crafted for comfort and efficacy, maximizing seating tolerance and functionality.

Powered by AEL's signature POSAlinc Technology, these adductors feature multi-positioning posts and joints for precise adjustment. Users can easily customize the lateral and anterior distance, pad angle, and post height to suit individual preferences.

The mounting hardware includes a robust four-prong clamp, ensuring superior stability compared to traditional collar clamps. For wheelchairs lacking a hanger mount, a Track Mounting option is available.

Available pad sizes include 3" x 4", 4" x 6", and a generous 5" x 7". Mounting options range from 7/8" or 1" frame tube mounts to track mounts.

The POSAlinc Original offers two post lengths: a standard 7" and an extended 10" (recommended for power wheelchairs, high cushions, or users requiring greater height for knee adduction).

All standard pads come with 1/2" Medium SunMate and a durable black Neoprene cover. Additionally, the POSAlinc Original Knee Adductor can be converted into a removable adductor using the POSAlinc Knee Adductor Knob Release Hardware.

This comprehensive redesign ensures that the POSAlinc Original Knee Adductor provides tailored solutions for wheelchair users seeking optimal positioning and support.



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