Therafin Wheelchair Stretch Seat Harness

Manufacturer: Therafin
Part Number: 305x1x
Retail Price: $169.00
Price: $109.00 Ea
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The Therafin Seat Harness, Stretch is a revolutionary product that has been designed to provide maximum comfort and support to individuals who require pelvic positioning.

One of the most notable features of the Therafin Stretch Seat Harness is its unique Stretch Style design. This feature allows the user movement and conforms to the user's body, providing a snug and secure fit. This is particularly important for individuals who require pelvic positioning, as it ensures that they are properly supported and helps to prevent sliding forwards out of the wheelchair seat.

Another key feature of the Therafin Seat Harness, Stretch is its Neoprene Material. This material is known for its durability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for a product that needs to withstand frequent use. Additionally, the neoprene material is easy to clean and maintain.

The Therafin Seat Harness, Stretch is also padded, which adds an extra layer of comfort for the user. The padding helps to distribute pressure evenly across the body, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury. This is particularly important for individuals who spend long periods of time in a seated position, as it helps to prevent pressure sores and other related issues.


Construction: Neoprene Pad, Nylon Webbing, Plastic Buckles
Small: Chair Width: 11"- 13"
Padded Area Dimensions: 10"W x 16"L
Medium: Chair Width: 14"- 16"
Padded Area Dimensions: 12"W x 17"L
Large: Chair Width: 17"-19"
Padded Area Dimensions: 13"W x 18"L
Note: A seat harness is NOT a safety device. It is to be used only for positioning


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