Primo 24 x 1in (25-540) Sentinel High Rebound Solid Polyurethane Wheelchair Tire

Manufacturer: Primo
Part Number: AL265
Retail Price: $63.00
Price: $44.00 Ea
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Shock absorbing technology and innovative tread pattern for maximum traction makes this one of the best solid poly tires in the market.

Fits Quickie, TiLite, Ki Mobility and more

Polyurethane tire installation:

Polyurethane tires are smaller than the wheel rim, so they must be stretched onto the rim. This requires a significant amount of force, and most wheels are 2-3 inches larger than the tire, so hand installation is not possible.

We highly recommend using a tire installation tool for easier installation.


Size: 24 x 1in (25-540)
Material: Solid polyurethane
Color: Black non Marking


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