Invacare MATRX Cushion Rigidizer

Manufacturer: Invacare
Part Number: CRxx
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Invacare MATRX Cushion Rigidizer not only provides exceptional stability but also helps to promote proper spinal alignment. By preventing seat sling sagging and maintaining the cushion's shape, it reduces the risk of discomfort and pressure sores, making it an ideal choice for individuals who require extended periods of sitting.

With its user-friendly design, installation is a breeze. Simply place the rigidizer under your existing Wheelchair Cushion and experience the immediate difference in support and comfort.

Molded plastic solid seat insert, very lightweight with slim profile. Eliminates hammock effect of sling upholstery Securely attaches to the bottom of the cushion inside the cover.


Model Fits Width Fits Depth
CR12S 12",14" 12"-17"
CR15S 15",16" 15",16"
CR16M 15",16" 17",18"
CR16L 15",16" 19",20"
CR18S 17",18" 15",16"
CR18M 17",18" 17",18"
CR18L 17",18" 19"20"
CR20S 19",20" 15",16"
CR20M 19",20" 17",18"
CR20L 19",20" 19"20"
CR22M 21",22" 17",18"
CR22L 21",22" 19",20"


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