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Manufacturer:Jay / Sunrise Medical
Part Number:JFUSION
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  • Pelvic Loading Area Determined by Common Skeletal Measurements
  • JAY Flow® Fluid, DRY FLOATATION® Air or CryoFluid™ Insert options
  • Innovative Base Technology
  • Multi-Layered, Contoured Foam Base


The JAY Fusion is an advanced new adjustable skin-protection cushion, combining the stability of the JAY J3 Cushion and the pressure management capability of the JAY J2 Deep Contour Cushion. The Fusion is easy to prescribe and easy to order, and it features a JAY Flow Fluid, ROHO Dry Floatation air inserts or their new CryoFluid insert, the new revolutionary fluid option available for the JAY Fusion cushion that excels at reducing the risk of pressure injuries.

The JAY Fusion's inner cover features a specially coated anti-wicking seam thread to prevent moisture from wicking through the seam holes and soaking the base foam. This same type of thread meets US Military specifications. To ensure comfort, the JAY Fusion's structural foam base is covered in a layer of soft foam to envelop areas of high load. This, combined with the fluid/air insert under the pelvic region, ensures maximum comfort throughout the entire cushion surface.

The inner cover features a specially coated Aquaguard zipper designed to repel moisture. This zipper incorporates a reverse coil to lock the coated fluid-resistant sections together. As a result, the inner foam stays dry and odor free. The inner moisture-resistant polyurethane-coated cover is made with Lycra. This remarkable material allows the cover to easily stretch and conform to the individual's shape. Without the ability to stretch, there is always the potential for surface-tension pressure to develop under the user's ischial tuberosities, which can increase the potential for tissue breakdown. The rear edge of the top cushion cover "waterfalls" over the back edge of the cushion to minimize the chance of users developing a "seam hotspot".

The new, patent-pending CryoFluid insert is now being offered alongside their industry favorite JAY Flow Fluid to provide more options for skin protection. CryoFluid actively cools the seated skin surface for up to 8 hours while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear, and lowering the risk of moisture.

Simple to fitSimple to Fit
The design team at JAY uses anthropometric research (human body measurement data) to determine the optimal Pelvic Loading Area (or well) size for each cushion width. As a result, the user's load is more evenly distributed across the fluid/air insert without the need for complex measurement comparisons. In short, it is a scientific approach designed to simplify the fitting process.
Simple to OrderSimple to Order
To order a JAY Fusion cushion there are only three basic questions to answer: Width, Depth, and insert type (fluid, single valve air, dual valve air or CryoFluid) That's it. Of course, in-field or pre-delivery modifications are readily available if required, but for the straight forward order, it's a straight forward process.
Innovative TechnologyInnovative Technology
In the last 3 years, JAY introduced silver impregnated X-Static fabric to fight microbial growth and odor, a 3DX Spacer Fabric boundary layer to wick away heat and moisture, and an anthropometrically based Pelvic Loading Area to optimize fit and limit fluid migration. We even added smaller, less noticeable features, such as a zipper-pull flap to ensure the zipper-pull doesn't catch on side guards, wheel-locks or armrests. If you want cutting edge technology, the JAY Fusion Cushion is a perfect choice.
The middle groundThe Middle Ground
Dealers, clinicians, and users tell us they love the skin protection capability and forgiving characteristics of the JAY J2 Deep Contour Cushion. Others tell us they like the stability and prescriptive capability of the JAY J3 Cushion. But for those who want a balance between all these characteristics, the JAY Fusion cushion is a great balanced answer.


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