ROHO Hybrid Elite SR Single Compartment Cushion

Manufacturer: ROHO / Permobil
Part Number: 1RHExxC-SR
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Two-way stretch top enables the cushion cells to conform to the individual's body shape without diminishing product effectiveness or therapeutic value.

Top material is made of 100% Polyester. Side material is composed of a 3-layered knit polyester spacer fabric, which provides superior air circulation that ventilates and cools the user.

Fluid proof, solid, non-skid base material offers a durable easy to clean surface.

Hook and Loop straps placed on the bottom allow the individual to attach the cushion to their chair. Encased foam is stitched to the cover for added comfort around the leg trough areas.

Cover is machine washable.


Achieve greater ability to position your client with the ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion. Its customized Jay contoured foam base provides you with the opportunity for both lower extremity and pelvic alignment and control.


The ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion hydrostatically loads the ischial tuberosities and the posterior shelf of the greater trochanters for those clients who are at high risk of breakdown. Unparalleled in performance, the ROHO cushion insert allows for immersion and envelopment of the clients individual shape. It provides an adjustable, reduced friction and shear environment that can help protect the client from acquiring pressure ulcers from sitting. The dual valve option on the ROHO insert allows for additional customization to match a clients specific shape and asymmetry.


The ROHO Hybrid Elites customized Jay contoured foam base provides improved positioning of the pelvis and lower extremities, enhancing sitting posture. This added stability assists the client in achieving a safer transfer in and out of their wheelchair.


Cushion insert matches the individuals shape by adjusting the amount of air.


Air cushion insert is easily cleaned with soap and water. Cover with encased comfort foam is machine washable. Foam base may be wiped with damp cloth.


Neoprene rubber cushion insert can be patched or repaired to extend use.


Customized Jay foam base and ROHO air insert are fluid resistant.


Seat Widths: 14-24in
Seat Depths: 14-20in
Weight: 3.5lbs
Weight Capacity: Up To 500lbs
Manufacturer Warranty: 24 Month Limited (6 Month on Cover)



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