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The Varilite Icon Tall Back supports the back to the top of the shoulders, including the scapula, which is ideal for users with decreased trunk control. The curved shell provides moderate back support. Lateral supports can be easily mounted using existing vertical shell slots. Headrests can be installed onto the aluminum shell for more positioning options.

Built with the user, caregiver, clinician and technician in mind, the Varilite Icon Tall Wheelchair Back System provides the best solution for those who demand fast installation, adjustment versatility, and simple operation. The Icon Tall Back attaches to the wheelchair using innovative adjustable hardware, and includes a Varilite air-foam floatation cushion for superior comfort.

Icon Hardware and Shell

The Icon Back System installs on a wheelchair quickly and easily. Only two parts need to be attached to the wheelchair all other hardware components are pre-installed. All adjustment screws are the same. Only a single tool is needed. Icon hardware is symmetrical and provides a wide range of seat depth adjustment, without any need for special, extra length parts. Posterior seat depth can be increased or anterior depth decreased by reversing the hardware.

Adjusting Angle, Depth, Width and Height of Icon Back System hardware is simple and easy. All adjustment screws are accessible from the rear of the back support or from the outside of the Cane Brackets. Adjustments can be made while the user is in the wheelchair.

Once adjusted, Icon hardware stays in place. Cane Brackets clamp securely and will not slip. The innovative Adjuster Plate mechanism for recline adjustment is positive locking to prevent the back support from moving during Activities of Daily Living or other times when heavy loads are placed on it.

Operating the system is as easy as opening the latches and sliding the back support out of the hardware. Latches stay in an open position until the back is removed, making it simple to remove the support with one hand or limited dexterity. The hardware guides the back support into position with minimal effort and locks it securely into place. Red safety markings alert the user that a latch is open and not in the locked position.

Rollover Cushion

The Icon Back System features an innovative rollover cushion to protect the user from contact with the edge of the shell during extension or weight shifting activities. The cushion is secured inside the cover so it stays in place. The wheelchair user can perform Activities of Daily Living with confidence and in comfort. Icon Tall Back includes an enhanced rollover cushion. Special padding in the cover provides extra protection.

The Icon Back System incorporates a Varilite air-foam floatation cushion. Sculpted foam fits the shell contour without bunching. Multi-stiffness foam is thickest along the vertebral column. Soft foam protects the sensitive areas of the spine while firmer foam supports the sides of the trunk. A two-way air valve allows air in and out of the cushion for a custom fit and adjustable comfort.

Breathable Fabric

Spacer knit fabric on the outside of the cover increases air-flow between the user and the back support. Reticulated foam sewn under the spacer knit fabric provides additional air exchange plus pressure distribution. The Icon Back System cover meets ISO 7176-16 ignition resistance standard for upholstered wheelchair components. The cover is machine washable.

Thoracic Supports and Accessories

Varilite PAL Swing-Away Thoracic supports are designed to complement Icon Tall backs. PAL (Positive Action Lateral) supports allow hinge angle, pad rotation, and horizontal pad adjustments for a precise fit. All PAL swing-away lateral supports include a neoprene protective cover that attaches easily to the PAL push button hinge. Fixed lateral supports are available for situations when a swing-away lateral is not required. Fixed lateral supports consist of shell bracket, pad bracket and pad.

Users who need extra support for correct positioning can utilize the PSIS Block or Supplemental Lateral Supports attached to the shell of their Icon Back System. These supports can be positioned within the shell using hook and loop attachment. The PSIS Block and Supplemental Lateral Supports can be added as an accessory to any Icon Back System. The PSIS (posterior superior iliac spine) Block provides support to the sacrum at the PSIS level, promoting anterior pelvic tilt and spinal extension. The Supplemental Lateral Pads help users who lean to one side maintain an upright position.

Users needing extra coverage between the back support and wheelchair seat can purchase a modesty kit that attaches to the shell of the back system and the seat of the wheelchair. Modesty kits provide extra coverage for the user, while appearing integrated into the back support.


Cushion Composition: Air-Foam Floatation
Shell Composition: Aluminum
Hardware Composition: Metal
Hardware Type: Adjustable
Weight: 5.5lbs.
Weight Capacity: 300lbs.


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