Varilite PAL (Positive Action Lateral) Swing-Away Lateral Supports

Manufacturer: Varilite
Part Number: 04374
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04374 - Varilite PAL Swingaway Hinge
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VARILITE PAL swing-away thoracic supports are designed to complement regular and tall Evolution Back systems. PAL (Positive Action Lateral) supports allow hinge angle, pad rotation, and horizontal pad adjustments for a precise fit.
Sold individually.

PAL Support Components

1. Push Button Mechanism

Easily activated push button unlocks the PAL swing-away hinge mechanism. PAL positive locking action indicates when the hinge is securely locked. Push button may be mounted in the up or down position. PAL hinge provides up to 225 degrees of swing. Easy hinge angle adjustment for precise fit. Loosen a set screw on the underside of the hinge, rotate the hinge to desired angle, and tighten the screw.

2. Pad Bracket

Constructed of steel for strength, PAL pad bracket attaches to the pad. To adjust vertical pad rotation, loosen the two screws attaching the pad bracket to the hinge, rotate pad bracket +/- 10 degrees, and tighten screws. Pad brackets are available in short, long and offset sizes.

3. Pad

PAL pads are available in contoured or linear styles, in three sizes. Closed-cell foam with a steel insert. Slots in steel insert allow horizontal pad adjustment. Pad foam is protected with a removable, machine washable cover. PAL pads can be modified by a qualified professional.

4. Shell Bracket

Constructed of steel, PAL shell bracket is contoured to mount on the inside of a VARILITE Evolution Back regular or tall shell. Low profile bracket is less than 1/8 thick. PAL shell brackets can be modified by a qualified professional.

Fixed lateral supports are available for situations when a swing-away lateral is not required. Fixed lateral supports consist of shell bracket, pad bracket and pad.


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