Varilite ProFormNX Wheelchair Cushion

Varilite ProFormNX Wheelchair CushionVarilite ProFormNX Wheelchair Cushion thumbnailVarilite ProFormNX Wheelchair Cushion thumbnail
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  • Common alterations to base include cutting down for windswept deformity, leg length discrepancy, split seats, and cut outs for ?hot spots.?
  • Closed-cell foam base won?t absorb liquid or bacteria, even after being cut.
  • Dual cushion option is ideal for the treatment of pelvic obliquities.
  • Built in living hinge and wedge combination is effective in changing loading pattern from buttocks to back of thighs.
  • Consider using Cheat Sheets? on the closed-cell foam base to build up or smooth modifications.


Highly contoured, modular system designed slicing and dicing for that custom fit. Deep ischial pan, high laterals, single and dual cushion options and flexible hinge make your options limitless.

1. Adjustable Cushions

The Pro-Form is offered with a single or dual cushion option. The single cushion system is made up of a self-inflating air and foam combination that provides excellent pressure relief and positioning assistance. The dual cushion system is made up of two self-inflating air and foam combination cushions that can be individually adjusted to accommodate pelvic obliquities and other asymmetrical conditions.

2. Varilite Diamonds

Both systems come with the Varilite Diamonds, designed to stretch and contour over the pommel and anterior laterals for increased stability. The Diamonds are a series of individually sealed foam and air pockets that can be cut down to match changes made to the soft base.

3. Contoured Base

The contoured base has high laterals and a deep ischial pan for maximum immersion and pressure distribution. Thigh troughs are molded into the base for improved lower extremity positioning. The base is made from closed-cell foam, making it resistant to water and bacteria. It can be easily cut to accommodate drop seats, leg length discrepancies, "hot spots," and endless other situations. Consider using Varilite Cheat Sheets on the base to build up, round off or improve contact.

4. Wedge

An adjustable 2" (5 cm) tapered wedge comes standard with the Pro-Form system. The wedge is made from Ethafoam so it is easily trimmed to meet individual needs. The wedge comes with adhesive hook and loop to secure the wedge to the soft base.

5. Cover

The Pro-Form is offered with either a regular or incontinence cover. The regular cover utilizes a mesh fabric while the incontinence version offers a waterproof, breathable material with four-way stretch. Both covers have reticulated foam sewn to the inside cover for maximum air exchange and are sewn with stretchable side panels for a wrinkle-free fit. A slip resistant bottom material with hook and loop attachments keeps the cushion in place during functional activities.


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