Varilite Wheelchair Cushion Rigidizer Solid Base Insert

Manufacturer: Varilite
Part Number: 04XXX
Price: $38.00 Ea
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The VARILITE Rigidizer, or solid insert, counters the effects of wheelchair sling upholstery. Can be used with any cushion to provide a solid base of support.

For many wheelchair users, sling seating promotes internal rotation of the lower extremities, sacral sitting, posterior pelvic tilt, loss of natural lumbar lordosis, and obliquity of the pelvis. Such poor positioning can result in discomfort and long-term problems.

A Rigidizer offers an easy and cost-effective solution to the problems of sling seating. Made from durable plywood, the Rigidizer can be placed between the cushion and upholstery, or, preferably, inside the cushion cover. With the Rigidizer in place, the user benefits from improved sitting balance, more neutral pelvic position, greater spinal extension, and overall improved comfort.

Please note that The VARILITE rigidizer measures slightly smaller than the stated size because it is specifically designed to fit snugly inside the cushion cover. This ensures that it provides maximum support and stability to the user, without adding unnecessary bulk or discomfort.


Composition 1/4 in. Plywood
Maintenance None Required
Warranty: 2 year
Application: Fits inside cushion cover


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