Varilite ZOID Performance Cushion

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The Zoid Performance cushion is the first and only cushion designed to enhance athletic
performance. The Zoid is also the only Performance cushion to feature the #1
impact and vibration reducing technology.

1. Air and Foam Flotation

The Zoid uses the #1 Impact and Vibration Reducing Technology on the market! Multi-stiffness foams are bonded to airtight materials to produce a self-inflating support surface. The foams provide stability while the air provides the pressure distribution, giving the user a competitive advantage.

2. Positioning Supports

Three stiffness of foam, bonded to four-way stretch material, offers excellent immersion and pressure distribution. Extra stiff foams at the lateral edges and back is beveled cut for maximum contact and stability. Medium stiffness foam makes up majority of the sitting area and softer foam lies under the ischial and coccyx area to prevent redness.

3. Valve for Adjusting Air Volume

A low-profile valve allows air in and out of the cushion. By releasing some of the air, the user becomes immersed in the cushion, lowering their center of gravity and improving their dynamic balance. Valve can be tucked inside cover.

4. Cover

The Zoid comes with a moisture wicking mesh cover with reticulated foam sewn to the underside for air circulation. The mesh top cover rolls over the front edge to the underside of the cushion to avoid a seam chafing under the back of the thighs. Three strips of loop are sewn to the low-skid underside and secure to the wheelchair with adhesive hook for extra grip.


Cushion CompositionAir-Foam Floatation
Base CompositionNo Base
Height2.9 in. (preloaded state)
Weight1.9 lbs. (18 x 18 in.)
Cover TypeMesh or Incontinence
Valve TypePSV
Base StyleNo Base
MaintenanceOnce a week, allow your VARILITE cushion to fully inflate overnight with all valves open.
Warranty2 Years, excluding cushion cover


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