POSAlinc 360 Knee Adductor

POSAlinc 360 Knee AdductorPOSAlinc 360 Knee Adductor thumbnailPOSAlinc 360 Knee Adductor thumbnailPOSAlinc 360 Knee Adductor thumbnailPOSAlinc 360 Knee Adductor thumbnail
Manufacturer:Adaptive Engineering Labs
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Knee Adductors assist in positioning the knees out of abduction and into better alignment, providing for improved weight bearing and stability. AEL's Knee Adductors provide a comfortable and effective support, assisting in maximizing seating tolerance and function.

POSAlinc 360 Technology swings away the Knee Adductor in any direction, while staying attached to the chair, allowing for compatibility with any chair configuration. The Knee Adductor locks back into the original position when swung back into place.

The POSAlinc 360 is durable with absolutely no play in the swing-away mechanism, minimizing the risk of an accidental release or skin irritation. The user or caregiver can control the amount of play by clamping down on the Knob.

AEL's signature POSAlinc Technology includes multi-positioning posts and joints for precise placement. Easily adjust the lateral and anterior distance between the pad and the mounting point, angle of the pad and height of the post.

All stock pads include 1/2" Medium SunMate with a black Neoprene cover.

Mounting hardware includes a four-prong clamp that grips the tubing at two points of contact, providing more stability than a traditional collar clamp that grips the tubing at a single point. A Track Mounting option is available for wheelchairs without a hanger mount.

Available in two post sizes: Standard (7") and Extended (10"). Extended Posts are suggested for use with power wheelchairs, high cushions or for clients who would benefit from a higher mounted Knee Adductor pad.

Multiple pad sizes available to accommodate pediatric and adult users.


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