Bodypoint Aeromesh Shower Chair Belt

Manufacturer: Bodypoint
Part Number: BB101x
Retail Price: $115.00
Price: $105.00 Ea
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The Bodypoint shower chair belt with our proprietary Aeromesh fabric provides safety without compromising the comfort and health of the user. Water and air easily pass through the Aeromesh fabric, allowing the client to be bathed completely and the belt to dry quickly after use.

Its universal shape enables the belt to be used in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the client. The flexible, padded belt can be used across the chest or abdomen to prevent forward or lateral falls. Additionally, fitting a belt across the knees or legs can prevent clients from slipping down out of the shower chair.


Material: Aeromesh Fabric
Mounting: Optional Frame Clamps
Medium 4" Wide pad, 24-37" Length
Large 4" Wide pad, 31-43" Length