Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support Harness

Manufacturer: Bodypoint
Part Number: SH3XXX
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The Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support is an innovative, dynamic upper body support designed for unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The patent-pending design includes a stabilizing lower panel that limits vertical stretching and riding up. Combined with a strong elastic upper section, the stabilizing panel limits the overstretching and upward movement that can lead to choking in older Butterfly style supports. The soft, stretching material allows comfortable, controlled movement, rather than just holding the individual user back. The Stayflex is offered in a one-piece version or with a front zipper closure for easy removal. The new, low-profile swivel buckles prevent the fabric from twisting and bunching up around the lower straps. The Narrow version is designed to fit and support between breast tissue.

The objective of the shoulder harness is to provide pressure over the sternum to reduce thoracic and lumbar hyperextension and encourage more shoulder protraction. (For use on solid planar style backrests)

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Flat Mount Cinch Mount
Flat Mount Cinch Mount

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