New Quickie Plastic Side Guard

New Quickie Plastic Side GuardNew Quickie Plastic Side Guard thumbnailNew Quickie Plastic Side Guard thumbnailNew Quickie Plastic Side Guard thumbnail
Manufacturer:Quickie / Sunrise Medical
Part Number:104164-00x
Price:$50.00 Ea
New Quickie Plastic Side Guard $50.00    Qty: Add to Cart


  • Easy to replace
  • Easy access handle
  • Stylish design


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The hole for grip provides a lovely space for slush, water and mud to get on your clothes. They break easily and we cannot get them to tighten so they don't move. Finally had to put construction adhesive on the clamps. Although the older version breaks as well,they are much better design than these.

Review by,

I haven't sprained or broken a thumb yet. Bottom line is these look cool, but not worth the price (maybe that's why they are currently on sale) and certainly not worth the hassle once they are installed. Do not buy these! Spend the extra money for the older, less hazardous versions. Horrible, potentially hazardous design. I won't deny these things look slick, but I highly doubt anybody at Quickie consulted a person in a wheelchair before finalizing the design. The oblong holes provide a double threat to the user. 1. Even though the guards themselves do their intended jobs by preventing pants, shirts, coats etc from rubbing against and getting caught in the wheels, the oblong holes offer a shortcut to the ground for pocket contents. 2. (and much more importantly) Those holes are just the right height and size for a thumb to get stuck during mid-push, which of course can create much bigger problems than something falling from a pocket and through said hole. All it would take is a poorly-timed push or a simple grip slip, and the user suddenly has a cast on his or her thumb.

Then there's the gap between the slanted back of the side guard and the wheelchair frame. Said design is another flaw that allows pocket contents to once again fall to the ground with little-to-no notice.

Finally, the clamps. The clamps are certainly weaker than previous models and need to be tightened and adjusted frequently (careful not to strip the Allen screws in the process).

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