Padded Center Pull Two Point Hip Belt w/ Push Button

Manufacturer: Bodypoint
Part Number: HB205-xx-A1
Price: $115.00 Ea

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The Padded Center Pull Two Point Hip Belt w/ Push Button is a must-have for those who need proper pelvic positioning. This two-point belt features a comfortable web and wide padded contact area for extra comfort. It also has a push button release to easily adjust the belt to fit perfectly, while the frame saver hardware helps ensure a secure fit. Furthermore, it comes with two mounting options so you can find the one that best fits your seat.
This wheelchair seat belt is ideal for providing critical pelvic positioning. It serves as a positioning aid - not an automobile restraint - and is an invaluable tool for anyone dealing with wheelchair seating discomfort. With its added padding and push button release, this hip belt is sure to provide the optimum level of comfort, security, and convenience.


Release Mechanism: Push Button
Adjustment: Single Center Pull
Belt Web Width: 2"
Overall Belt Length: 61"
Padding Span: 24"
Pad Width: 2 3/4"