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Breezy 600

Name: Breezy 600: Traditional 6 Spoke Mag
Manufacturer: Sunrise Medical
Traditional 6 Spoke Mag parts diagram
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Note: this wheel utilizes Screw Mount Handrims - the handrim has a threaded hole that mounts the handrim to the wheel through a spacer and fastener.Note: if Mag Wheel Assembly was ordered without Handrim and a Handrim is added to the wheel, qty 6 of 101932 and 281175 ARE REQUIRED to properly mount the handrim.Note: if changing the Rear Wheel Size on a chair with Anti-tips, new size Anti-tip Assemblies ARE REQUIRED to accommodate the new Rear Wheel Size.Note: for Zippie X'Cape 6 Spoke Mags are only available with the One Arm Drive.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1 - 340109420" MAG W/BRNG 6 SPOKE- 20"
1 - 340109322" MAG W/BRNG 6 SPOKE- 22"(501mm)
1 - 340109224" MAG W/BRNG 6 SPOKE- 24"(540mm)
23495001 1/8 X 1/2 BEARING
4101932SPCR .194ID X .375 OD X .750- Used when previously ordered with Omit handrims or Natural Fit Handrims

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