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Manufacturer:Jay / Sunrise Medical
Part Number:J3
Retail Price: $546.00
Price:$374.50 Ea
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JAY J3 Wheelchair Backs are the most comfortable and easy to use wheelchair back available. J3 backs offer 3 levels of support and three contour depths to accommodate most all wheel positioning needs. Adding to wheelchair comfort as well as improved wheelchair positioning, the JAY 3 Back is an ideal addition to any wheelchair.

From the active to the elderly, the new JAY J3 Back for wheelchairs feature the most versatile hardware package, flexible positioning system, and all-in-one package that we've ever created.

The J3 Back is dedicated to eliminating compromises such as: towel bars that interfere with the mounting hardware, backrest contours that fail to match the user or even back heights that are too tall or too short. J3 Wheelchair backrests provides multiple solutions with one easy to install package.

Now more than ever, "We've got your back."

Five contour shapes

Five Contour Shapes

The JAY J3's solid shell is available in five contour shapes to provide posterior and lateral pelvic and lateral thoracic stability to clients with varying postures and functional needs.
  • Posterior (PA) - 2.2" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Lateral (PL) - 3" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Deep (PD) - 6" of lateral support
  • Posterior Deep Lateral (PDL) - 6" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Deep Contour (PDC) - 6" of lateral pelvic support
Four support height levels

Four Support Height Levels

The JAY J3 back is available in four support height levels to provide support for clients with wide ranges of torso heights and levels of injury.
  • Lower Thoracic - 6.5" to 9.5"
  • Mid Thoracic - 12" to 15"
  • Upper Thoracic - 16.5" to 19.5"
  • Shoulder - 21" to 24"
Four hardware options

Four Hardware Options

The J3 offers four hardware options to accommodate a span of priorities and wheelchair configurations.
  • SH - Easy to install, 2-point, quick-release hardware that allows for numerous attaching positions
  • RH - 25% lighter than SH hardware and optimized for ultra lightweight wheelchairs without compromising adjustability
  • TH - 2-point, quick-release hardware optimized for tilt-in-space wheelchairs, with a lengthened attachment pin and 500 lb. weight capacity
  • 4-Point - Quick-release hardware that withstands greater force by distributing across four mounting locations


Product Weight:Approx. 4 - 5 lbs w/o mounting hardware.
Product Width:14" - 20" (Can be mounted to 22" wide back cane)
Product Height:Varies from 6.5" - 24"
Weight Capacity:300 lbs
Foam:1 1/2 in. High Density
Cover:Spacer Fabric and Lycra Stretch Outer Layer


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I'm riding in a Quickie 2 that's 12 years old. I've had to replace pneumatic tires a few times (solid inserts are original),bearings, casters, cushion, wheels, and arm rests. I've given this chair quite a workout on a regular basis, but regular maintenance has kept it working as well for me as it did when it was brand new.

As a paraplegic the wheelchair is a necessary part of me. Before I got the Quickie 2, no chair would last me longer than a few years. I'm a grumpy old man and I've had round feet for over three decades. I refuse to use an electric chair or scooter as long as I can make my arms push this chair. No one pushes it for me except for my daughter twice a year when I visit her. The j3 back has held up remarkably well.

If you discount cosmetic changes, my 12 year old chair is as good as it was 12 years ago. Considering all it has been through, including quite a number of trips in the belly of an airliner and rough handling m
by baggage handlers in a number of airports and many miles of traveling on trails and paths other people swore I would be unable to travel, the frame - which is every bit as good as new - has held up better than any chair I've ever had. Routine maintenance, keeping everything tight, and replacing things like tires that wear out is all you have to do.

I can't estimate how many miles I've put on this chair, but there are a lot of people walking around on two legs who haven't walked as many miles as this chair has rolled in the past 12 years.

Anyone who needs a folding chair should be more than happy with a Quickie 2. This model has been improved since I got in mine but you better believe it when I need another chair it will be a Quickie 2.

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