ROHO Quadtro Select Low Profile Wheelchair Cushion

Manufacturer: ROHO / Permobil
Part Number: QSXXLPC
Retail Price: $534.00
Price: $417.00 Ea
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  • Adjusts to your shape and weight
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Can be patched or repaired to extend use
  • 1 3/4 in. Immersion
  • Latex Free


The ROHO Select Series cushions set the industry standard for overall performance in wheelchair seating. The revolutionary ISOFLO Memory Control in the Select Series offers shape shifting capabilities while the user is seated, allowing quick and easy on demand adjustment to maximize function. The Select Series also features Dry Floatation air cells which assist in pressure injury prevention and treatment.

The Quadtro Select Low Profile Cushion is adjustable to your shape and weight and will adjust to the changes in your position over time. Weighing in under 2.5 pounds, its lightweight and easy to carry. The Quadtro Select Cushion can be easily cleaned with soap and water. In addition, the flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex) cushion can be patched or repaired to extend its use.

With the built-in stability and simplicity of the Low Profile Quadtro Select Cushion, you no longer have to sacrifice maximum skin protection to get stability, positioning or convenience.

The Low Profile Quadtro Select Cushion does it all. And with no compromises.

The Low Profile Quadtro SELECT Cushion is most effective for users:

  • Who need a moderate amount of postural support
  • With asymmetrical postures
  • Who are at risk for skin breakdown
  • Who foot propel
  • With partial to no sensation