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(discontinued 1) Focus Cr Hand Tilt

Name: Focus CR: (discontinued 1) Focus Cr Hand Tilt
Manufacturer: Ki Mobility
(discontinued 1) Focus Cr Hand Tilt parts diagram
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This Focus CR Hand Tilt is discontinued and was used on serial numbers prior to FCR0013026.
Pos.Part #DescriptionPriceBuy
1001102Cog Lever Tilt Lock Right TILT
2001103Cog Lever Tilt Lock Left TILT
3001101Mounting Bracket Tilt Lock TILT
4001105Strut End Tilt Lock TILT
5001282Drive Tube TILT
6a001254Growth Strut Short TILT
6b001255Growth Strut Medium TILT
6c001256Growth Strut Long TILT
7001281Strut Clamp TILT
8001109Spring Tilt Lock Right TILT
9001110Spring Tilt Lock Left TILT
10001104Retainer Lock Lever TILT
11001112Mount Cable 90 Deg TILT
12001111Bearing GFI-0607-04 TILT
13101823M6 x 20 HHCS Blk Zn
14101821M5 x 25 HHCS Blk Zn
15101818M4 x 10 FHCS BLKZC w/Patch
16101844M6 x 18 SHCS Blk Zn
17100658M6 Nylock Nut Blk Zn
18100657M5 Nylock Nut Blk Zn
19100746M6 Flat Washer Blk Zn
20101853M6 Fender Washer Blk Zn
21101835M6 Lock Washer Blk Zn
22101856Flat Washer, M5, Blk Zn
23102082Washer Nylon .406IDX.75ODX.040
24101842M3 x 8 SHCS Blk Zn
25a001113Cable Tilt Short TILT
25b001114Cable Tilt Medium TILT
26a001115Cable Tilt Long TILT
26b001116Cable Tilt Extra Long TILT
27001117Cable Clip 1"
28001118Cable Clip 7/8"
29001121Trigger Mount
33001239P-Clip 3/16"
34101820M5 x 22 HHCS Blk Zn
35100734M5 x 16 DIN7985 PHMS ZC

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